"SAWSANA" Award for Agricultural Excellence

The Technical Advisory Center supports all efforts in the field of research, studies, scientific achievements, projects, innovative ideas or any other activity that serves the objectives and issues of agriculture.

In view of the importance of encouraging researchers, inventors, innovators and economists in various agricultural fields and serving this large sector in its various departments (academic, applied, artistic and intellectual), the Technical Advisory Center decided to allocate an annual prize in the agricultural field,

- Encouraging and honoring Jordanian researchers, thinkers and innovators, both morally and materially.

- Creating a climate of creative and innovative scientific competition in support of and development of the agricultural sector.

The winner will be selected from a committee composed of specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture, research institutions, academia, the private sector and the awarding representative.

 The Award shall be awarded to the winner by an individual or institution in accordance with the results of the accurate, objective and neutral evaluation of all research, inventions or applied projects nominated for the award of the award.

Specialties Participating

• Plant production • Natural products • Medicinal & Aromatic Plants • Seeds • Water and irrigation systems • Agricultural pesticides agricultural fertilizers and fertility products • Plastic and agricultural equipments • Gardens and its equipments. • Cut flowers and ornamental plants • Tissue culture • Organic transplantation • Packing and wrapping • Post-harvest preparations • Center of research, experiencing and agricultural labs.


• Managers of working agricultural companies in Jordan, gulf area and middle East countries. • Businessmen interested in the sectors that SAWSANA exhibition includes “fertilizers, pesticides, cut flowers .etc”. • Agricultural engineers from Jordan and different Arab countries. • Arab and foreign experts specialize in the exhibition fields. • Farmer’s works in different areas in Jordan and the world. • Farms owners. • Owners of squeezers and worker in olive oil sector. • Nurseries owners.


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