IRIS Food and Food Industries Exhibition

(IRIS Food and Food Industries Exhibition) which has been held since 2005 and has achieved successes in Jordan and the Middle East. This exhibition succeeded to attract Arab and international companies, in the field of food and food industries. The exhibition included marketing and attractive activities to visitors through the offers of taste provided by companies for their products, as well as culinary competitions of the most local chefs and to provide the best recipes and food and give the evaluation to visitors to the exhibition.
The exhibition was distinguished by female participants who work in the home and manufacture food products of all types that are typical of traditional Jordanian dishes. The IRIS exhibition supports annually the contribution of societies and women of low income, working on domestic food projects and need such a exhibitor to market their products. Actually IRIS provides them with the opportunity to direct sales of their products.
The exhibition attract every year more than 100 exhibitors from Jordan and international countries, and the number of visitors almost 10.000 between “businessmen, investors, stakeholders, producers, farmers, public.etc”.


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