Jo-Agri Forum

Jordan Agricultural Forum

The Forum is one of the components of the brand-specific technical consultancy center, and part of its system is concerned with policies, strategies and management of the agriculture sector.

In terms of the essence of the work of the Forum, it represents a forum for workers in the agricultural sector and those interested in agricultural affairs from the public and private sectors, individuals and institutions, in addition to civil society organizations.

In terms of the nature of the activity, it is a platform for dialogue on agricultural issues, which participates in its dialogues and activities decision makers, agricultural partners and experts in various fields of agriculture.


Forum Vision:

  1. Contribute to building a scientific and practical dialogue on agricultural issues in Jordan with the participation of decision makers, producers, business sector and technical experts.
  2. Assisting in strengthening public-private partnership and emphasizing institutional participation of the private sector in agricultural decision-making.
  3. Participate in coordinating the efforts of the concerned parties to achieve agricultural development in the field of crystallizing the general objectives and agree on the policies and strategies necessary to achieve them.


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  • 950647 Amman 11195 Jordan
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