The Conference of Intellectual Property in Agriculture




Since the issue of intellectual property became one of the most  important challenges which faces national economic on the International Level, especially after Jordan has become a member in the WTO who signed many cooperative economic agreements with the EU, USA,……..,etc.

The First Conference of Intellectual Property in Agriculture was held under the Patronage of HE the Minister of Agriculture, by the Agriculture Materials Traders and Producers Association, on year 2005 and it’s continuous in 2005-2007-2008-2009-2010-2012.

The conference seeking to aware the presence what the national & international experts have reached in the different sectors related to patents & plant breeders' rights majors during the two days of the conference, and as the aim of the intellectual property system is to reinforce the cultural, social, and economic progress through developing and managing the laws, and the international treaties on intellectual property rights, which encourage creation & making knowledge, and interactive to go out with recommendation & plans to work on to serve and support this agricultural sector.       




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