About TC

The Technical Consultancy Center is the outcome of a broad experience since 1985 in the aspect of offering specialized consulting services, technical and economical studies as well as feasibility studies for investments, industrial & agricultural projects. A specialized group of experts in those fields works in the center, and cooperates with experts from academic and scientific positions when needed, in order to insure best results. The center purposes are supervising project founding, offering development services, in addition to conducting scientific research and field examinations in specialized industrial and economical sectors.

The activities of the center are embodiment in fifth main Departments:

  1. Department of studied & consultations: which include units of studies, training, specialized periodic reports, researches and conflict arbitration
  1. Department of Micro or Medium projects: Studies, Management and development.
  1. Department of organizing conferences & forums: which include organizing of conferences, workshops, symposiums and lectures in the fields of work in which some of them accompanied with the international exhibitions the center organize or as a service for any other associations.
  2. Department of Publications and Media: Publishing PETRANA magazine for food, agriculture and veterinary, in addition to any other publications or leaflets.
  1. Department of organizing international exhibitions in different sectors, such as: agriculture, food, poultry, Ladies, education, industrial. Etc.


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