The International Exhibition for Veterinary, fodders and poultry


April 2016



The International Exhibition for Veterinary, fodders and poultry “VETRANA 2016” aims over the years of its holding to give an opportunity for the farmers and the growers meeting with the greatest possible number of the revolution of animal products, fodder and Poultry which is considered the best among the specialized fairs in Jordan, this exhibition will be held with The International Exhibition for Agriculture “SAWSANA 2016” & The International Exhibition for Food & Food Industry “Iris 2016” in one place.


VETRANA Exhibition 2016 also aims to opening the way to the Jordanian Industries to enter the markets of global competition and openness to outside world and countries in the region as well as worldwide marketing Jordan at the veterinary sector, poultry, livestock, which constitutes 60% of agricultural production.


Amman is the suitable place for “VETRANA” to be the address for the companies, experts, Veterinary doctors, agricultural engineers, breeders and producers for two main reasons:

1.      The importance of this promise sector in the field of breeding and self-sufficiency due to the availability of highly investment, production and exporting veterinary manufacturers.

2.      The Location of Amman as a capital for rebuild this sector in Iraq the allied, as it is the state for all the Iraqi businessmen and the path for all international companies work in this field and have the willing to invest in the Iraqi market in the field of veterinary, fodders and poultry “VETRANA 2016” have to be independent and it was important to be in Amman.



As a sponsor your company will enjoy the advantages of maximum participation. Sponsorship shows all sectors that your company is a powerful and energetic player on the market. Exhibition provides an ideal opportunity for your company to present itself and stand out amongst its competitors before an entire specialist audience. The opportunity to win another client, do a deal with a new partner or create new business links with similar companies can all become part of your sponsorship experience. We can offer you various forms of sponsorship to suit your budget.

   Venue: Amman - Jordan

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