Gulf Industry Exhibition in Jordan 2012 “Gulf – Jo”



The Gulf industry exhibition will be held from 14 - 17 November 2012. The Exhibition target Gulf Companies working with industry, this exhibition will be a good opportunity to introduce the Gulf industries, and exchange ideas for the development and growth of this sector. Also it considers an opportunity for participating companies to acknowledge other industries for competition companies and exchange experiences among these companies. The importance of the geographical location of Jordan as a major center in the region located between the Gulf Cooperation Council, Iraq and Iran
 and north Syria and Turkey. 

The importance of establishing  Gulf industry exhibition at the level of progress and development and innovation contribute to the 
transfer of industrial technology of the Gulf countries, including the transfer of 
Industrial Technological Research; to provide technical advice 
to the industrial investor, and assistance in the preparation of feasibility economic & technical studies  and market studies and provide technical information about 
machinery and equipment, raw materials suppliers, and provide 
Concessional loans to small industrial projects
and medium enterprises. In addition to the enhancement of integration between the Industrial sector and Oil and Gas sector and other economic sectors.


Specialties Participating:

- Heavy and light industries                                                       - Plastics industry
- Rubber Industry                                                                        - Manufacture of Aluminum
- Packaging                                                                                   - Petrochemicals
- Glass products                                                                           - Paper and its product
- Timber industry                                                                         - Oil industry
- Food Industry                                                                            - Engineering Industries
- Furniture and furnishings                                                        - Construction and real estate
- Machinery and equipment sector                                          - Steel industry
- Education and Universities                                                     - Traditional fashion and antiques

- Air conditioning and refrigeration industry                          - Pharmaceutical sector
- Electronics and electrical appliances Sector                         - ICT

Venue: Amman International Motor Show Exhibition – Airport Road

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