The Technical Consultancy Center 

The Technical Consultancy Center is the outcome of a broad experience since 1985 in the aspect of offering specialized consulting services, technical and economical studies as well as feasibility studies for investments, industrial & agricultural projects. A specialized group of experts in those fields works in the center, and cooperates with experts from academic and scientific positions when needed, in order to insure best results. The center purposes are supervising project founding, offering development services, in addition to conducting scientific research and field examinations in specialized industrial and economical sectors.
Ladies Exhibition in Jordan considers distinctive idea to choose women the main ingredient for all specialities and fields. Where women became constitute more than half of the community and its role effectively and concretely in various areas of life. The exhibition includes everything that is commensurate with the women and their different roles in life. The exhibition will be held from 8-11/4/2015 at Zara expo- Grand Hyatt Amman
  Upcoming Events
7th IP
December 2014
7rd GMO
February 2015
1st Ladies Expo In Jordan
8 - 11 April 2015
1st Climate Changes
June 2015
7th IRIS Exhibition
August 2015
4th Alternative Energy 2015
October 2015
9th SAWSANA Exhibition 2016
April 2016
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