The 7th International Conference on Genetically Modified Food

February 2015

Genetically modified food is the term now commonly refers to the use of plants to be engineered for human and animal consumption using the latest techniques of biology,, "Genetic Engineering." And is one of the hot topics between the opposition and supporters, as it has been a subject of controversy and debate on the impacts and consequences of genetic engineering on food. Since there are a lot of questions and queries raised, the need arose to demand the hold this conference for the first time in 2006 to discuss the safety of the use of such food, and other claims that the establishment of new systems and procedures for dealing with the legalization of GM food safety.

For the success of the previous genetically modified food conferences on the local and regional levels in 2006\2007\2008\2009\2011\2012; the Technical Consultancy Center has decided to hold this important international conference during February 2015 in Amman- Jordan. A distinguished group of Arab and International experts will participate in this conference to present the latest results they achieved in this issue.

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