The 1st International Conference on Climate Changes

4 - 5 June 2013

Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years. It can be a change in the average weather or a change in the distribution of weather events around an average (for example, greater or fewer extreme weather events). Climate change may be limited to a specific region, or may occur across the whole Earth. In recent usage, especially in the context of environmental policy, climate change usually refers to changes in modern climate. It may be qualified as anthropogenic climate change, more generally known as "global warming" or "anthropogenic global warming" (AGW). And as one of our main targets is to keep pace with global developments in issues related to Agriculture, Food, Environment, and Veterinary. The Technical Consultancy Center has decided to organize the 1st International Conference on Climate Changes during the period 4-5\6\2013 in Amman- Jordan under the patronage of his Excellency the Minister of Environment; and In cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture, Minister of Environment, the National Center for Agricultural Research & Extension (NCARE), The Agricultural Engineers' Association,  and Meteorological Department, to get acknowledge with the latest updates in this issue from Global and Arab Experts, and try to find solutions to work on decrease the effects of its results on Jordan and countries of the region.


  Conference Aspects:

- What is Climate Change?

- Agriculture and climate change.

- Climate Change and Food Security.

- The Effects of Climate Change on the Environment.

- The Negative Effects of Climate Change on the World in General, and Arab Countries in particular.

- Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change and Adaptation.

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