Award for Agricultural Excellence



For the importance of encouraging researchers, economists, and scholars in the different agricultural disciplines, and to serve this broad sector with all its different branches (academic, applied, technical, and thought), the Consultant Technical Center has decided to offer an annual award in the agricultural field, namely.


Sawsana Award for Agricultural Excellence for the following purposes :

   Honoring and encouraging the Jordanian innovative farmers and thinkers financially and morally.

   Creating a scientific, innovative, and competitive environment to enhance and support the agricultural sector.

The winner will be nominated by a committee which includes experts from the Ministry of Agriculture, research and academic centers, private sector, and a representative of the donor of the award. The award will be offered to individuals or organizations according to the results of a precise, objective, and neutral evaluation process to all research, innovations, or applied projects that are nominated to win the Iris Award.



  Award's Value :

 The value of the award is (5000) $



  Criteria for winning the Award :

  • The project or research should be creative, could be published in any scientific publication and to serve the agricultural sector.

  • No more than two years should have passed since the completion of the project, research, or activity.

  • The project, research, or activity has not won any previous award

  • The applicant for the Award should be a Jordanian citizen and still alive, if individual.

  • The subject should be applicable or already applied.

  Terms for Applying :

  • The application should be submitted by concerned person or the organization which supervised the applying project.

  • Three electronic copies should be submitted; containing a detailed explanation of the subject submitted to win the award.

  • A 2-5 page summary of the main points in the subject and its objectives, date of completion, feasibility study, its importance, method of application, an electronic copy of the summary, and photos of the project, if available.

  • Sending the resume of the applicant and his academic level.



  Dead line for Application is 31st of January each year.



For any Requirements, Requests, Orders or Questions About Sawsana Award Please Contact us at this Email Address  award@tc-center.com

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